OLYMPUS DIGITAL WAMERAAre you hearing loud noises from your garage door that’s unusual? If so you may need to do an inspection on your garage door to find out the cause. Avoiding this could result in future damages to your garage door.

Your door could end up breaking down and becoming stuck, unable to open or close. So we’re going to give you some tips and advice to help you determine what may be wrong with your garage door.

Tips And Advice For Your Garage Door


Garage Door Not Closing Tightly On Each Side


This could be because of one of the cables that lift the door is not adjusted properly inside the drum. Or one of the screws may be loose that’s attached to the drum. With everything being interconnected and the system under high tension.

Do not try to fix this yourself. We highly recommend you call your local garage door company and have a professional technician take care of it for you.


Rollers Not Working Properly


If you’re having a problem with the rollers you should check on both sides to see if the rollers may be worn out. See if they look like they’re ready to break or come out of the rail. Your rollers should roll on the track and not slide on them. ¬†Also make sure the hinges on the door are properly secured to continue support.

Just like stated above if they’re worn out or ready to break, then call your local garage door company to have this problem fix immediately and do not attempt to fix it yourself with all the high tension.


Door Opener Not Closing The Garage Door Completely Shut 


On the monitor box you are able to make necessary adjustments to open and close your garage door. These functions are usually located on the side with an up and down arrow. Take a Flathead screwdriver to make adjustments and use it to turn it a quarter turn, then check everything on the door opener.

As you can see some issues are pretty simply to fix yourself but others will definitely require you to call your local garage door company and hire a professional technician. So always keep a technician for your garage ready on stand by.